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Your Naturopathic Care at BNC

One of the most important things we will ask you is to share all of your questions and concerns with us.

Every individual is different and the pace you want to set with your treatment may be different. For that reason, we ask that you let us know the kind of pace you wish to set for yourself.

Therapeutic treatment plans are constantly updated or changed because of new and ongoing research. This can improve an individuals’ prognosis or increase the speed of healing.

Natural therapeutics give the support to you body so that it can start working optimally again, but your body can only work so fast, so be patient.

Remember, it takes months or years for health problems to develop. Your body will heal at its own speed. The important thing is that you are going in the right direction!

You can at any time decide to “step up your pace” or “slow it down”, remember you are still “tuning up” and being more proactive than ever for your health.

Feel free to ask questions or to tell us your needs and what you can manage.


What kind of treatments can I expect from my Naturopathic Doctor?


Botanical Medicine

The use of plant medicine was a cornerstone of traditional medicine before the science of chemistry and synthetic pharmaceuticals. Active ingredients within the plant kingdom are powerful, yet safe and effective agents of healing where indicated.




Clinical Nutrition

The relationship between disease states and nutrition are well known. An in depth analysis of your nutritional status and individualized nutritional suggestions/plans specific to your needs are available.


Prevention/Lifestyle Modification

The cornerstones of Naturopathic philosophy are prevention and self-responsibility. Assessments of risk factors connected with lifestyle, diet and environment.




An ancient system of medicine introduced to North America in the 20TH century. Traditional Chinese pulse and tongue diagnosis assess the indications for needle acupuncture and electro acupuncture.



Homeopathic Medicine

Developed in the 18th century, homeopathy utilizes small dilutions of botanical, mineral and other substances to treat specific ailments. Popular in Europe, including with the Royal family, homeopathic medicines are selected based on a whole symptom picture and are based on the theory of like cures like.



Lab Tests

Lab Tests:

Blood Tests

IgG Food Sensitivity Testing:  for food sensitivities analyzed by Rocky Mountain lab

Conventional laboratory testing is also available through BNC practitioners.

  • GGT:  a sensitive marker for liver health
  • hsCRP:  a marker for inflammation which if at high level indicates an increase risk for heart diseases, cancer and many other degenerative diseases
  • Vit D :  if too low it is now known to be a significant cause of most health disorders.   So find out if you are taking enough !
Live Blood Analysis

Naturopathic Microscopy is the only technique available to natural health practitioners that will allow you to view and assess the dynamic interplay between health and disease at the cellular level.

By analyzing the blood, you will be able to identify various underlying imbalances known to lead to disease while still at an early stage – when they can still be corrected with simple natural protocols.

The history of live and dry blood analysis goes back more than 60 years and it is still developing today.

Several independent researchers from across the world have spent hours behind their microscopes, analyzing thousands of samples and making careful observations about the differences between healthy and unhealthy blood specimens, correlating their findings with clinical symptoms and conditions.

What we have gained from all their hard work is a technique unparalleled in its accuracy and unmatched in its reliability. It has steadily grown in popularity among natural health practitioners worldwide by virtue of the insight it is able to provide on the body’s internal environment, which we refer to as the terrain. The analysis of live blood specimens provides us with valuable insight into the body’s internal terrain, which constitutes the blood, lymphatic fluid, cerebrospinal fluid, and the interstitial fluid that surrounds every single cell in the body.

Just like a fish swimming in unhealthy water will become unhealthy, so the cells in the body are poisoned by the toxins and acids in the fluid in which they are bathed.

The purpose of looking at blood under the microscope is to determine the state of the terrain – whether it is in a state of balance or imbalance.

This knowledge is of utmost importance because changes in the blood precede any physical manifestation. When the blood and the terrain become compromised, disease is soon to follow. By correcting the imbalance in the terrain, we are able to re-establish a state of balance and health.

While conventional medicine is concerned with eradicating disease by killing bacteria, cancer cells, or by replacing hormones and suppressing symptoms, natural medicine is concerned with the state of the terrain, because disease will only be able to thrive in a suitable soil.

Just like plants that have been grown in poor soil and are subsequently weaker and more prone to disease, so are the cells in the body affected by the terrain.

By analyzing a single drop of blood, we are able to tell what you’ve been eating, drinking, and doing. We can also identify potential problems years before conventional blood tests and investigations are able to detect any abnormalities.

This makes blood analysis an incredibly valuable tool in preventative medicine.



estrogen metabolism ratio: to determine increased risk of breast cancer and make nutritional changes to inhibit malignant growth

urinary hormone metabolites: to determine how your body is metabolising your hormones


used to discover mineral deficiencies and heavy metal toxicities, e.g. mercury toxicity from eating contaminated fish.


used to determine hormone deficiencies (ie. progesterone low causing PMS / menopausal symptoms) or excess (ie. cortisol high causing obesity/cardiac symptoms)



Nutraceutical Dispensary

Beaches Naturopathic Nutraceutical Dispensary

This clinic has a nutraceuticals dispensary for your convenience.

All nutraceutical supplements are always 55% below suggested retail prices (SRPs). We only order from the professional companies suggested on your prescription. This helps keep public dispensaries from having higher prices.

To help us, help you refill supplements, please call in advance 1 week or more. We will hold your products for up to 5 business days.

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